Canadian Dad Inks Tattoo To Match His Son’s Birthmark

This amazing story comes to us from Canada.
Every child is special and extraordinary for his parents. When the child feels happy and gay the parents also smile but when something hurts the child, it hurts the parents much more. One such incident took place in Canada where a father gets a tattoo to match his son’s large birthmark as the latter was conscious about the mark on his body and felt shy while taking off his shirt during swimming.
Edmonton-based Derek Prune Sr, endured painful hours under a tattoo needle to helps his son accept his birthmark which he had on his torso, and because of which his son was quite self-conscious. Prune noticed that his son did not take off his shirt while swimming and all this was because of the large birthmark. He said, “I knew he was self-conscious and that made me just to show him that he wasn’t the only one, like, we both have the same mark.” Prune anticipated that it would take a few hours to get the tattoo but it took 30 long hours.
Prune surprised his son, also named Derek, while he was playing in a hotel pool earlier this month. After seeing the tattoo, his son was both happy and confused. The tattoo was red-wine coloured and covered part of his chest and belly and extended under his left arm.
Tony Gibbert, owner of Juicy Quill Tattoo Studio in Stony Plain, Alberta who inked the tattoo said, “No matter where on the body, the inking hurts.” He also added, “Pretty much everywhere he wants to get a tattoo is all, like, just pain. None of it’s easy.”
This incident not only shows the love between a father and son but also reveals the sacrifices parents do to make their child happy.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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