22 Year Old Hands Over 90,000 To Businessman Setting An Example Of ‘Rare Honesty’

This wonderful news comes to us from Uttar Pradesh.

Sonu Kannaujia, 22-year-old, sets an example of ‘rare honesty’ in front of society by handing over a sum of 90,000 to a businessman who had mistakenly left his money with Kannaujia. Sonu runs an iron shop in Bareilly and found a sum of 90,000 wrapped in a newspaper. However, he did not open the wrapper and waited for the owner to come and collect his money from him. The money belonged to a businessman, Ajay Gupta, who was astonished by this act of honesty shown by Kannnaujia. As a reward, Ajay presented Sonu with a sum of Rs. 1,100, new clothes, and a box of sweets.

Kannaujia said that the local people helped him a lot during the lockdown and so he could not cheat anyone. He said, “People here give us respect. We cannot lose respect for some money. Everyone helped us when we were affected by lockdown. My god possibly tried to test me, but I didn’t flinch. My family members are happy with the sweets and the money that was given to us as a reward.”

Ajay Gupta was also severely hit by the lockdown and the money he thought got lost was to be handed to another businessman. He wrapped the notes in a newspaper and kept it aside from the bag which was filled with clothes meant for ironing. However, due to some reasons, he had to leave the house immediately because of which he gave the clothes along with the bundle of notes to Kannaujia. He realised his mistake a few hours later and searched in several places. He also thought of asking Kannaujia and when he reached his shop, he found Kannaujia waiting for him.

Gupta said, “To be honest, I had thought that the money was lost because there was no way to prove that the money was there in the bag. But Kannaujia displayed rare honesty and returned my money. It was wrapped in the paper and not a single note was missing. He told me that he didn’t have my phone number so he couldn’t call me to inform me about it.”

Vicky Shukla, a local resident, said, “Local businessmen have decided to felicitate Kannaujia in a separate function soon and we will reward him for his honesty. This incident is really an exemplary example of honesty.”

This story of Kannaujia truly complies with the saying that ‘honesty is the best policy’. He adopted this policy and gained much praise and respect in life. We hope to hear such amazing news of honesty in the future.

Image Source: Times Of India

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