Security Guard Earns Rs 2 Lakh/Month After Losing His Job

This amazing news comes to us from Pune, India.

Struggling in life definitely brings success but one has to keep patience while moving ahead. Many obstacles and difficulties come in the way but one has to overcome these imperfections and create a path for his own self. This story is all about the struggle and hardships that Revan had to face when he lost his job as a security guard after his company closed its operations in December 2019. He said, “I am only a class 12 graduate. About six years ago, I came to Pune along with my siblings in search of work and bagged a job as a security guard in a logistics company in Pimpri-Chinchwad, with a salary of just Rs 12,000 a month.”

After losing his job he started taking up odd jobs and finally on March 15 he rented a place and started his own snack and tea corner, named Abimanyu, in Pimpri. It was then the pandemic hit the entire world and everything was locked down. This unexpected happening destroyed Revan too as he lost all the savings he had invested in his tea business. He somehow passed through the months and found an opportunity to get back on his own feet again. He said, “Around that time, the city started to open up slowly and people came back to work in small numbers. But still, due to health concerns, employees in the industrial and banking sectors were apprehensive of approaching their nearest tea vendors.”

He parcelled the tea in plastic bags which was another concern as his customers found it to be unhygienic. So, he decided to reach out to potential customers with a thermos and paper cups directly in their offices. The first serving was free as he wanted them to give it a try and this, in turn, helped create demand for his tea.

Six months after the operations, he sold about 700 cups of tea daily earning a profit of Rs 2,000 per month. He then employed five people for delivering tea across Pimpri-Chinchwad areas and scaled to Rs 2 lakh per month out of which Rs 50,000 are profits. With this profit, he started helping students who were very poor. He took a room on rent to take care of their accommodation and food expenses.

Currently, he operates in the Pimpri-Chinchwad area but he now wishes to expand his business in the Pune municipal region and other areas as well. His hard work and struggles have earned him success. He is a great example for all the people of India to do something nice even when nobody is in favour of you.

Image Source: Anasuya Life

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