Helping Others Is The Mission Of This Anantapura Man

This amazing news comes to us from Andhra Pradesh, India.

Venjeti Venkataramana Reddy, the founder-trustee of Sanjeevani Charitable Trust has made helping the poor his mission. He helps them when they are in need of blood or medicines or to perform the last rituals of abandoned bodies. He has been rendering this service for the last 15 years and is called ‘Sanjeevani’ by some people and ‘Blood Donor Ramana’ by many others.

Chakali Anji and his mother Ramakka called Ramana, Sanjeevani which meant life-saver. Anji fell from a tree eighteen years ago and suffered from a spinal injury. He said, “My mother, who works as a farmhand supported me all these years, but it was getting difficult both financially and physically, as my mother was getting old.” Ramana helped Anji by providing them with medicines and some money to fulfill their basic needs. He even takes Anji to Bellary for physiotherapy and bears all costs. Another person who is thankful to Ramana is a barber, Kullayappa, whose wife suffered from a heart ailment and survived because of the help provided by Ramana. He provides the family with medicines costing around 3,000 and some extra money for their daily needs. Vannur Saheb, an electrician, is also grateful to Ramana as he had severe head injuries while at work and got great help from Ramana. Vannur Saheb said, “There are no words to express my gratitude.”

Venkataramana was born in a poor family but poverty did not become an obstacle in his mission. His mother worked as a tailor to support the family. Ramana studied only till class 10 because of financial problems. He was very sensitive since his childhood days and had Muslim friends who used to share everything and help each other. This influenced him strongly and created a solid impact on his life. He also got acquainted with Hanumanth Reddy, a municipal employee, in 2000, who had a habit of donating blood to the needy. This also influenced him deeply. Since 2005, he has donated blood to nearly 5,000 people. Not only this, he collected old clothes and provided them to orphans. Ramana also delivers the leftover food of any function to old age homes and government hospitals where people need the most. He has performed the last rites of around 250 persons till date.

Such inspirational stories are rare and must be followed by everyone to help others in any way possible.

Image Source: New Indian Express

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