8-Year-Old Wrote A Heart Touching Letter To Santa

This wonderful news comes to us from the UK

The Covid-19 has affected the lives and income of many people and also has a negative impact on the minds of the children. An 8-year-old, Kourtney Wood, writes a letter to Santa that shows a glimpse of how the children are affected because of the pandemic. In her letter, she wrote, “Dear Santa, All I would like for Christmas is for the world to go back to normal! I don’t know if you can do that but if you can’t do that it is OK. I don’t mind if I have nothing, I do have everything, well, I do have everything I need. Thank you.”

This letter was discovered by her mother, Samantha Dicken, while she was cleaning her room. Dicken said, “I was absolutely gobsmacked. I know she’d been struggling with lockdown and COVID. But it really hit me when I saw it on paper.” Dicken is a medical student and she noted that Kourtney had asked for tablets, slime toys, and craft kids in previous years. She further said, “Now she just wants her old life. It was just heartbreaking.” She shared her daughter’s note on the ‘Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas’ of the Facebook page. This post went viral and was liked by more than 15,000 users.

This letter melted many hearts and the post was flooded with reactions. A user said, “This made me cry! I’m so glad my little boy is still a baby and doesn’t understand. These poor children are suffering so much.” Another exclaimed, “Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.”

Dicken read the messages to her daughter and said that there are many people like Kourtney who feel the same way as she does and she knows about it now. Dicken further added that she is having a good sleep and does not want the light to be on anymore. She also allows her mother to shut her bedroom door. This all happened because of the love and affection shown by many people on Facebook which acted as a booster to Kourtney. This was marked as a gift by her mother from all the people who liked and commented on her post. All the people are hoping the situation to get back to normal as soon as possible so that everything comes in place again. Let’s hope to celebrate this Christmas with great excitement and joy without the fear of the pandemic.

Image Source: The Sun

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