79-Year-Old Mumbai Lady Started A Chai Masala Business During Lockdown

This amazing news comes to us from Mumbai, India.

Chai, a drink must for people who are die-heart fans of it and serves as an energy booster to them. There are people in the large number whose day starts with a cup of tea and they feel fresh and active after having it. Mrs. Kokila Parekh, a 79-year-old woman lives in Mumbai with her youngest son Tushar Parekh and daughter-in-law, Preeti Parekh. She is famous among her family and friends for being active, making delicious Gujarati food, and making a secret chai masala powder that adds flavour to the tea or milk when added. This secret powder recipe has been passed down by her ancestors and Mrs. Kokila Parekh has been using it for her family and friends for years now.

Mrs. Parekh said, “Guests and family members always complimented me on the chai and I would tell them about the flavourful masala that I had added to enhance the taste. When the guests left I would pack the powder for them to take along. Once it got over, they would ask me to make some more for them. The masala powder not only enhances the taste of tea but also provides immunity and improves digestion.”

Mrs. Parekh’s daily routine was disturbed due to the lockdown and so she decided to utilize her leisure time in making the secret chai masala powder and selling them in the market. She was an expert in her recipe, so the next step was keeping a name for her brand. She went with- KT Chai Masala, which stands for ‘Kokila and Tushar’s Chai Masala.’ In this business, Tushar helped his mother in bringing the raw materials in bulk and finding the right kind of packaging material to ship the powder across the country.

Preeti said, “Initially maa would make the masala using a regular mixer grinder in our kitchen, but when she decided to make it in bulk we purchased a commercial mixing unit that grinds large quantities. The masala is then packed in airtight packets, which come with a ziplock sealer. This helps to maintain the shelf-life of the product and if someone wishes to carry the powder with them while travelling it can be done so with ease. We got the packets made from a third-party vendor, along with our logo printed on it.”

Tripti Batra, a resident of Mumbai purchased the chai masala after getting to know about it from the KT Chai Masala Facebook page. She said, “The masala is very fresh and adds the right amount of flavour to the tea. When I tried it, the first thought that popped into my mind was that it was tailor-made for chai-lovers.”

Till now, Mrs. Parekh has received more than 500 orders from different states and is hoping for a more positive response in the future. We wish her the best of luck and hope her business grows bigger and bigger!

Image Source: Facebook

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