Daughter Joins Job At A Nursing Home To Be With Her Dad

This amazing news comes to us from the UK.

This story is all about the deep love between a daughter and her dad. 49-year-old Nina Ambrose was shattered when a lockdown was imposed due to the pandemic and the rules clearly meant that she could not visit her dad Roger, who moved into a nursing home in January. Roger, a former lorry driver was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for 12 years and he got more declined severely in the last six months. As Nina was unable to meet her dad so she quit her job and applied to volunteer as an activities and events coordinator at her dad’s new place of living.

She started to work three shifts a week at the Chelmsford nursing home, and after each shift, she gets to visit her dad. Nina said, “Without this my mental health would absolutely have suffered during lockdown. It’s lovely and rewarding to do, gives me a routine, and I’ve been able to meet residents and staff at a time which has been very isolating for many, Plus I’m seeing that everyone’s dementia story and journey is different.”

Nina said that she is very close to her dad and Roger himself did a lot of volunteering after retirement. She is very happy as the residents gladly clap when she enters the ward and ask her to sing old songs. Nina says that the songs act as a massive game-changer for people with dementia. This job inspired her a lot as it taught her that she has so much to give and make others happy. She has documented her father’s journey through illness on her Instagram page with the hope that other people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease do not live in depression. This inevitable love of Nina for her father is inspiring for many people and everyone must take a lesson from her that parents are everything in life.

Image Source: Nina Ambrose/ SWNS

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