11-Year-Old Girl Rescued A Shark Trapped Between Rocks

This wonderful news comes to us from Australia.

There is a great bonding between humans and animals. It is often seen that animals save humans and vice-versa. This love and kindness must prevail in every living being’s heart. A video went viral on social media which included a clip of an 11-year-old girl saving a draughtboard shark who got stuck between the rocks. In the video, Billie Rea is seen catching hold of the shark that was trapped in a tidal pool on the edge of Kingston Beach in Tasmania. “I have got a draughtboard shark. Come on darling,” Rea can be heard replying to her mother in the video which has now gone viral on several social media platforms.

The shark was stuck between the rocks and Rea was trying to help it get out of the place. She said, “It’s alright, it’s alright.” She held the shark carefully and then released it into open waters. Rea was not in danger while saving the shark as it was a slow-moving fish that mostly eats shellfish. Rea’s mother Abby Gilbert said, “As soon as it came into view, I knew what it was and I knew that it couldn’t hurt her.”

Gilbert said that she was more worried about the wet rocks than the shark in the hands of Rea. The video has been shared online and has been viewed more than 50,000 times and the young girl has been flooded with praise. We must appreciate the bravery shown by both the mother and the young girl and this act of theirs proved that humanity still exists. Rea saved an animal without caring about herself and this shows the upbringing and grooming she has received from her parents. She is brave and kind-hearted to save the life of the shark.

Image Source: Republic World

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