Head Constable, Seema Dhaka Rescued 56 Kids In 3 Months

This amazing news comes to us from New Delhi, India.

Seema Dhaka, a head constable of Delhi Police headed for Debra in West Bengal to track down a 7-year-old child who went missing from Aman Vihar, near Rohini. She crossed two rivers to reach her destination in an area hit by a flood. Dhaka got out-of-turn promotion as she traced nearly 56 children below the age of 14 years in just three months. She was in charge of other rigorous investigations and tracked down 76 minors, 20 of them being in the age group of 14-16.

On Wednesday, Dhaka was felicitated by Delhi Police commissioner, S N Shrivastava who formulated a new incentive-based scheme that was related to tracing missing children. This scheme not only led to a hike in the recovery rate but also raised the number of boots on the ground. On August 7, the police chief had announced additional incentives which included an out-of-turn promotion for any constable or head constable who would rescue 50 or more missing children below the age of 14 years within 12 months. In addition to this scheme, an Asadharan Karya Puraskar was announced for any constable or head constable who would rescue 15 or more missing children below 14 years of age, including 5 less than 8 years within 12 months.

Dhaka spoke to TOI and recalled her West Bengal operation. She said, “It was my husband’s birthday but the thought that my efforts could lead to a child being found kept me going. Not many trains were running that day. The area was vast with Debra having 134 police stations. We managed to reach the village with the help of the state police after crossing two rivers. The child was finally found. I took him to a hotel, fed him and made him watch TV after which he narrated his ordeal.” She said that the child left his home as his stepfather refused to accept him and ended beating him up.

Dhaka thanked her husband and family for being so supportive every time. She said that they never forced her to attend any family gathering at the cost of her duty. She joined the force in 2006 and became a head constable after 5 years post her exams. She has now been promoted to assistant sub-inspector. She still can’t forget the story of a 15-year-old girl whom she rescued. The girl was married forcefully and had two children. She was kept locked inside her house and was not provided with proper food. Dhaka said that the girl’s parents were very happy when she returned home and thanked Dhaka profusely.

We need such bravery and determination towards work and hope to hear such good news in the future too.

Image Source: WomensWeb

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