Single Dad Struggles With Two Young Kids In High-Rise

This amazing story comes to us from London.

This pandemic has made the lives of many people hard and they have to struggle for a living. One such struggle is faced by the Smiths. Sam Smith is a single father and has two sons, Lysander, 6-year-old and Zenduel, 3-year-old. Since the lockdown started in England, this family had to confine themselves to their one-bed apartment on the 15th floor of a high-rise in London. The apartment was not too big and was just 12 steps from one side of the main room to the other. It had local parks nearby which were closed due to this pandemic. This made them stuck inside their apartment for about 23 hours a day sometimes.

They went to a breakfast show on the BBC to talk about their hardships and what it was like to be confined to a very small living space during the pandemic. This interview was being watched by a couple, Ken and Sheila Sims, who lived on the Devon coast. Ken himself grew up in a high-rise apartment building as a young boy and could feel the difficulties faced by the Smiths. So, he wanted to help them by requesting them to spend a week at his cottage by the English seaside.

The Smiths agreed to Ken’s proposal and thanked him for his help. Sam said, “I can’t find the words…” He spent some time at the beach and noticed the sky and water all around. He was glad to see his children happy and making castles which made him utter, “It’s beautiful!” This act of humanity by Ken is praise-worthy and if people start helping each other in any way possible then there will be no person unhappy or sad in this world. Such acts of kindness is remarkable!

Image Source: Good News Network

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