Nashik Boy Covers 3600 KM In 8 Days

This amazing news comes to us from Maharashtra.

Om Mahajan, a 17-year-old, broke the record for the fastest bicycle journey across India. He is a resident of Nashik in Maharashtra and covered a distance of 3600 km from Srinagar to Kanyakumari on a bicycle in eight days, seven hours and thirty-eight minutes. He finished this journey on Saturday afternoon. After reaching Kanyakumari, Om said, “I was always into cycling, but it was more about sprinting. I began to dream of endurance cycling and taking part in the Race Across America (RAAM) after lockdown began.”

Om said that he began his training six months ago for the standard 600-km qualifier ride for RAAM which would take place in November. But he set himself for ‘Race Across India’ for now. He started his journey from Srinagar last week and experienced heavy rains in Madhya Pradesh and reached south punishing heat down.

The existing Guinness Book Record for the fastest bicycle ride from Srinagar to Kanyakumari is held by his uncle, Mahendra Mahajan. However, that record was recently broken by the Indian Army’s Lt Col Bharat Pannu, who cycled the distance in eight days and nine hours. This was yet to be entered in Guinness Book. Om had set his eyes on Pannu’s record and wanted to leave him behind in the race. He applied for a graduate course in sports management in Kansas, US but, it was delayed because of the pandemic. It gave him time to train himself and get ready for the challenge.

Om was accompanied by his uncle, father, and RAAM solo finisher Kabir Raichure in a vehicle as his ‘support team’. To this Om said, “I only cycled the distance. A major part of the credit goes to the crew. This is our collective record.” His next challenge is RAAM as it was the toughest cycle race on the planet. He would have to ride 4,800 km in 12 days to be successful. We salute the bravery of this 17-year-old boy who has high dreams in his little eyes. He is an inspiration for all the youngsters to achieve a goal with full determination and courage.

Image Source: India Times

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