Tea Shop Owner In Kerala Serves 10 Free Meals Everyday

This wonderful news comes to us from Kerala.

A kind heart helps others no matter what the situation may. OA Nazar, 56-year-old, runs a tea shop on Ashoka Road near Kaloor. He follows a simple rule in life- help others as much as you can. He runs the shop with his brother OA Shamsudheen and provides free meals for 10 underprivileged visitors. He has been doing daily this for the past few months.

The hotel remains open from 6 am to 3 pm and was shut in the first few months of lockdown. But, this did not stop them from helping others. They kept the free service open with help from sponsors. Nazar said, “Our sponsors provide us the money a week in advance. Even if we didn’t get a sponsor to support us on a particular day, we will do it on our own. We never considered it as an additional burden. Even after meeting daily expenses, we manage to give away free lunches. Now, many people are coming forward to support us.”

The hotel was started in 1984. Earlier, their father owned a small stationery shop in the same area. His shop faced a great loss as most of the income was used to help others. However, his sons never stopped giving back to the community and said, “We started this restaurant after our father passed away. Even now, it is the path he showed that we are following.” They charged 40 for a meal which was earlier rated 35. This hike was due to the pandemic but it was affordable. Their regular guests included auto rickshaw drivers who struggled for a day’s meal. They did not provide food packets to prevent resale and supported many bed-ridden patients in their city for their treatment.

The last two months were very hard for Nazar and his brother as the latter got infected with Covid. To this Nazar said, “The restaurant and blessings of those who have helped got us through all of it.” Now the brothers are planning to improve the facilities at the restaurant so that they can help more and more people to which Nazar said, “Why stop at 10 free meals?” This act of kindness and the thinking of helping others as much as possible keep one going in life. We must appreciate the kindness shown by the two brothers and hope that this continues forever.

Image Source: New Indian Express

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