Little Girl Saved From Being Kidnapped

This good news comes to us from London.

Today’s generation is all about equality of men and women. The things which a man can do can straightly and bravely be performed by a woman. So, everyone must be treated equally irrespective of the gender. The hero of this story is Shannon who saved the life of a little girl who was being kidnapped by a man. Shannon was hinted by her little sister that something was going wrong with a young girl. To this, Shannon moved right away to a residential area in Mitcham and followed a man who was behaving strangely and holding a young girl with his hand over her mouth.

A video on twitter went viral which clearly showed that Shannon followed the man and demanded him to let go of the girl and further asked about what he was doing with the young girl. When she finally reached closer to him, the man left the young girl and ran away. After the spread of this video, the residents helped the police to locate the suspect who is now in custody of the police over the allegation that he was kidnapping a girl.

This action of Shannon is being praised by thousands of people as she showed bravery and did not hesitate to take action against the man. Shannon said, “I wish I could thank you all individually, I’m not a hero Im just glad I had the courage to follow through.” She further exclaimed, “My little sister is the real hero here, she’s 11 years old and was able to notice that something was not right and called me straight away. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to save that little girl.” Such acts of bravery and kindness can save lives of many more girls as this has now become a common crime all over the world. Every criminal must be harshly punished for committing such dangerous crimes with the girls.

Image Source: Sunny Skyz

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