81-Year-Old Played The Accordion For His Wife From The Street

This amazing news comes to us from Italy.

Love has no boundaries and it knows no limits. Love does change with age or time. It binds two people with a strong bond and remains in their hearts forever. One such example of true love and great bonding is an 81-year-old Italian man, Stefano Bozzini who was found playing an accordion for his wife outside the hospital. He could not visit his wife due to the Covid-19 restrictions and showed his love through this amazing gesture. This video was shared on social media that went viral. It is seen that Bozzini was playing an accordion on the streets while his wife, Carla Sacchi and two others were watching him from the second floor of the hospital in Castel San Giovanni.

Bozzini is seen playing the tune of English pop singer Engelbert Humperdinck’s song “Spanish Eyes” in the video. Bozzini said, “She was so in love with that song, I play it all the time at home.” He was also seen playing a selection of his wife’s favorites in the video. His wife was discharged on November 7th after a stay of 10 days in the hospital as she was undergoing tests for suspected cancer.

Bozzini is a retired member of the Italian Army Alpini mountain infantry. He and his wife met during their 20s and have been married for 47 years. He could not digest this distance between him and his wife and so decided to shower his love from a sweet gesture. This story is not only about love but also about the bonding that one holds with his spouse at a certain age. When two people complement each other so well it becomes an example for the younger generations to love their partners wholeheartedly and motivate them to love their spouse forever.

Image Source: Outlook India

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