Italian Police Drove Lamborghini To Save A Life

This wonderful news comes to us from Italy.

Italian Police used a Lamborghini to transport a kidney for a surgery that could save a life. They started from the town of Padova and travelled down south to the Gemelli hospital in Rome. They covered a distance of 500 km with a speed of 230 km/hour. The police officers drove the blue-white-coloured car to reach the hospital in just two hours which otherwise would have consumed six hours to reach the hospital.

It was when the local authorities were finding it difficult to deliver the organ to the patient who was waiting for the kidney; the officials came forward to help them. As per the local police, the main function of the Lamborghini was to move transplant organs, plasma, and vaccines across the country and not getting into high-speed car chases. The police force said, “To save a life you don’t need superpowers.” They also exclaimed that it is solidarity, technology, and efficiency that is required.

This news gained much popularity and so the Ministry of Health and Centro Nazionale Trapianti, the National Transplant Center in Italy came forward to make it clear that it was an extremely rare case. The agency wrote, “It was the case of a ‘donation as a living ‘crossover’- an exchange of organs between incompatible couples where the family member of a patient awaiting transplant donates the organ to another patient whose partner in turn ‘gives it back’.”

The agency said that this was the second case in 2020 and explained that in such situations there is a possibility of planning the transport to the smallest details keeping in mind the maximum speed of movement. They said, “There is the intervention of the Traffic Police, which is equipped with a specifically modified vehicle and equipped with a preservation system for human organs.”

The Italian Police must be saluted for their great work and efficiency. They completed their duty with full dedication and saved the lives of the patients. A police force team like this one can change the scenario of the entire nation and the world needs more people like these superheroes. Yes, this is indeed a rare case but if more number of people change their mindset and come forward to help others, there will be so much love all around. Think about it!

Image Source: Yahoo News

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