UK Lady Who Visited Wounded Soldiers To Serve Them Cakes

This wonderful news comes to us From UK.

Kath Ryan, 59, a retired nurse, visited the British hospitals to serve the wounded soldiers with sweet offerings in the form of cakes baked by her. David Wiseman heard a voice calling out ‘Cake Lady’s here! Cake Lady’s here! And later on found out that it was a middle-aged woman in a strange dress, pushing a trolley of cakes and handing them out to the wounded soldiers.

It was in 2009 when war broke out in Afghanistan and soldiers were wounded badly and were in requirement of both love and medicine. Since then, Ryan visited nearly 1,260 British hospitals and had great bonding with the patients. She served nearly 1 million slices of cakes to them and offered them hugs which helped them to recover fast. Ryan said, “I saw them at their worst. They could barely breathe; they were in so much pain. They were like skeletons with cling film on them.” But this view did not stop her and she kept visiting the soldiers.

Ryan never asked them about how they are and moved around with her trolley of cakes wearing an apron and serving them. They also enjoyed her cakes and became like an extended family to Ryan. She did not get married and never had children. The soldiers often visited to help her in the garden and invited her to weddings, baptisms, and anniversaries. The soldiers funded in a crowd so she could join them at the Invictus Games, the sporting event for injured service people. Love and medicine when given together works as a miracle. This is what Ryan did and spread love and happiness amidst the severe situations in the hospitals. This not only helped them to recover fast but also gave them immense joy in such painful condition. This is humanity and one must always show this kind of affection and gratitude towards others.

Image Source: HeraldExtra

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