First Female Cafe Owned By A Woman In Yemen

This good news comes to us from Yemen.

Marib started to boom into a crowded city after about six years war in Yemen as people fled fighting elsewhere. It is a matter of great risk to start a business in Marib amidst conflicts, diseases, and severe economic crisis. However, Um Feras realised that there was no place for females to spend their leisure time so she founded her own cafe hoping to change attitudes towards businesses led by women. Um Feras started a cafe in April last year namely Morning Icon Cafe to which she said, “There were no places for women to gather comfortably, no places belonging to the female community: where the team from administration to the youngest employee is female.”

Um Feras said that the local people had conservative attitude towards women who work outside home and so the cafe she started was new and strange for some people. She wanted to prove that women can also run enterprises and said, “The word ‘cafe’ can be associated with negative ideas and convictions…Every new idea will have its supporters and opponents.”

A medical student and customer of Morning Icon Cafe, Wadad said that she was attracted by the internet connection of the cafe and stated, “There is space for women in general, amid the poor internet network in Marib and the limited available spaces for female students.”

Most of the coffee and drinks of the cafe are imported and it has been a real challenge for Um Feras to maintain the quality amid this rising prices and fluctuating currency rates but she hopes to expand her business on a large scale to offer a bigger leisure spot for women and children.

Such inspirational stories are worth noticing and we must always try to change the conservative attitude of people towards women in the society.

Image Source: Curly Tales

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