3-Year-Old Rescued After 65 Hours From A Collapsed Building In Turkey Earthquake

This good news comes to us from Turkey.

Natural disasters are a result of natural processes of the earth. When a place is affected by a natural disaster it affects not only the people living there but all the animals, plants, and other creatures living in that place. Many families lose their members and many times the whole family loses their lives. The near and dear ones go missing not knowing about each other’s existence. One such natural disaster happened in Turkey on Friday that has affected the lives of the people and they lost their lives unknowingly. Turkey was hit by an earthquake that had a magnitude of 6.9 and was centred in the Aegean Sea. Consequent to this, there were 1,200 aftershocks in Turkey.

A three-year-old girl who was struck under a collapsed building in the western Turkish city of Izmir was rescued on Monday, about three days after the earthquake. Elif Perincek was taken on a stretcher to an ambulance when the emergency crews were searching for survivors in eight other buildings. Mehmet Gulluoglu, head of Turkey’s disaster and emergency management authority (Afad) said on twitter, “A thousand thanks to you, my God. We have brought out our little one Elif from the apartment block.”

On the one side, the rescuers and locals celebrated as the child was rescued safely and on the other hand, the search for missing people continued. It is God who controls the activities of Earth and it is we the humans who by our actions imbalance this nature’s calmness. This leads to natural disasters the consequences of which goes from bad to worse. Many disasters have already affected countless lives and many more are yet to come! Let’s get our fingers crossed and hope that everything will soon be settled. We wish not to undergo such natural calamities in the future.

Image Source: NBC News

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