Korean Food Blogger’s Cheese Fondue video goes horribly wrong but he doesn’t lose hope

This amazing news comes to us from South Korea

The almost perfect dreamy videos that we see on the web are actually hours and hours of hardwork compiled into a few minutes of entertainment. The drool worthy videos we get to see on a food blogger’s channel also mostly has bloopers that are tactfully edited but there are also youtuber’s out there who despite failing badly have the determination to continue with the video and entertain their followers to a great deal.

South Korean food blogger Tasty Hoon is an inspiration for all those people who lose hope too quickly. The blogger was shooting a video with barbecue chicken and cheese fondue wherein he poured melted cheese into a chocolate fountain machine and moments later the cheese started solidifying and splattered here and there. The scenario soon went out of control and Hoon who looks clueless in the video could not decide as to what should be done. Soon, we get to the see the fountain stand splitting off from the motor and all of the cheese vanishes from the device. It is then that Hoon switches off the machine only to feel devastated.

However, this doesn’t break his heart and he continues with the video by having the barbecued chicken with the cheese strands fallen here and there. The cheese failure video surfaced online and people watched it like crazy. Hoon’s cheese fondue fail became the subject of memes in no time but people also showered him with applauds for being sportive and continuing with the video despite the fail.

The channel Tasty Hoon is all about videos wherein Hoon talk to his followers while having food. In the video whose clip went viral, Hoon can be seen crying right after the fail but he quickly overcomes his heartbreak and dives into a barbecue chicken treat with solidified cheese strands.

On the brighter side, Hoon’s channel got a plethora of new subscribers and he also thanked people for watching him fail miserably. Isn’t this proof of his humble attitude? He also promised his followers that he would definitely try the cheese fondue once more. Don’t we need more people like Hoon? The people who spread positivity and hope even in times of despair.

Image Source: News18

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