32-Year-Old Masters Snooker With His Chin

This wonderful news comes to us from Pakistan.

God has made different people with different abilities. It is upon the person to believe on himself and proceed in life with an aim and desire to fulfil the same. We have heard about achievements of disabled people which are possible only with the courage they build inside them. One such story comes from Pakistan where a 32-year-old man, Muhammad Ikram masters snooker with his chin as he was born without arms. He sets the aim, flexes his neck and strikes the cue ball with his chin that sinks the ball in a corner pocket. Believe me he does it with full perfection!

Muhammad has spent 8 years pushing a cue ball around the table with his chin and now he can beat anyone in this game. Ikram said, “I have met very good snooker players who tell me I am a real genius, and that I can bring great fame to Pakistan.” He was born in a poor family and was one among the nine children. He was not educated and was deprived as a child. His favourite pastime was watching players playing snooker. No one dreamed that he could ever play the game. He does not know how the idea struck him and he started practicing the game in secret.

Ikram’s mother exclaimed, “He would eagerly watch the other boys play. He would keep wishing he also had arms so he could play like them.” She further stated, “Then he started using his chin.”

Mian Usman Ahmed, co-owner of Cuemaster Snooker Club said that Ikram won several local tournaments in the last two years. He said that initially when Ikram used to come and ask Ahmed to let him play snooker, Ahmed would refuse. He requested Ahmed to let him prove himself to which Ahmed agreed and allowed Ikram to play snooker. Ikram played very well and was appreciated for his inevitable spirit. He was also offered free food for which waiters were volunteered to spoon-feed him. He wishes to play at an international level with the aid of the Government.

His words are filled with courage and determination and advised people with disabilities to not lose hope. He also encouraged people to have a strong ambition in life and a burning desire to accomplish the same. We hope to hear such news in the future which will bring out a new aspect in life.

Image Source: USA Today Sun

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