For The First Time At A Military Ceremony Same-Sex Couples Got Married In Taiwan

This amazing story comes to us from Taiwan.

Love is in the air and it does not consider age, sex, caste, religion, or any other differences as a hurdle in its way. When two people are in love the whole world seems stranger to them and they just love and admire each other. After the legislation relating to same-sex marriage was passed in Taiwan in 2019, many couples got wed and celebrated. Since then around 4,000 couples got married in Taiwan. It was the first time when 188 same-sex couples got wed at a military ceremony. They viewed the ceremony with a sense of responsibility which they had towards the LGBT community that they represented.

Chen Ying-Hsuan, an army lieutenant who married Li Li-Chen said, “We are hoping that more LGBT people in the military can bravely stand up, because our military is very open-minded. In matters of love, everyone will be treated equally.” On their wedding, Chen wore a colourful wrist band and confessed that she was always open about her sexual orientation while serving. It was a small wedding ceremony where the couples took part in a parade and exchanged rings in front of their seniors and family members.

Yumi Meng and her wife, army Maj. Wang Yi had tears in their eyes when they exchanged rings. They carried a pride flag and Wang wore her officer’s uniform at her wedding. Meng’s parents did not support their wedding but Wang’s parents and her teacher came to the wedding to stand along with the couple. Wang’s mother, Amy Chao said, “I really feel that this is a huge breakthrough for the military because before gay people really had to go through a lot.”

Since this legislation was passed, around 4,021 couples got married among which 69% were lesbian ones. A number of reporters were invited to cover the ceremony and this was considered to be a good sign from the military side. It was unlikely on their part but in recent years, the military opened up to this and encouraged the couples to marry in spite of having same sex.

Lt. Gen. Yang An told the reporters, “Our attitude is that everyone should be treated equally, and we congratulate each and every couple, and this shows that our military’s position is open-minded, progressive and with the times.”

Everyone has the right to fall in love may it be with the same sex or opposite one. Nobody must interfere in their love path and always encourage them to move on in life happily. This world must take Taiwan as an example that love is love and even gays and lesbians have the right to get married when in love with each other.

Image Source: Independent

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