Railway Employee Introduces A Self-Made Power Paraglider

This good news comes to us from Telangana, India.

It is every person’s wish to fly high like a bird and experience the sky and the clouds. This is possible through travelling in the aircrafts but that does not give full satisfaction to the adventurers. People who love flying high like a free bird will surely not love just sitting and enjoying the same in the aircrafts. This made the concept of paragliding come into existence. Today’s story revolves around Adepu Arjun, a paragliding enthusiast from Ramagundam in Telangana.

Arjun is a railway employee who works as a mechanic in the C & W department and lives in the railway quarters. He was quite bored with his job and decided to do some other activities that gives him an adventurous and innovative feeling. He had a deep longing to fly which made him visit places like Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, Tripura, and Meghalaya that were famous for adventurous activities like trekking and paragliding.

During his trips for fulfilling his wish to paraglide, a question raised in his mind as to why not build a paraglide on his own and make it fly in normal areas like Telangana. He collected all the necessary information regarding the sports and joined Whatsapp group which included members like retired Army employees, pilots, paragliders, and national sports person to read about the design mechanics and other parameters related to paragliding. After a detailed research, he purchased all the required materials from America and Italy and decided to build a paraglider.

This 30-year-old made Ramagundam a perfect spot for paragliding although the place had no hills around. He evaluated the location and the benefits and was all set to fabricate his paraglider. He used a Simonini Mini-3 engine, propeller and Galaxy wings to make a paraglider that can fly for up to two hours. The weight of the paraglider was about a quintal that could carry a load of 150-270 kgs with two people flying at an average height of 100 feet. He himself flew for 20 minutes to show the effectiveness of the paraglider and was successful in his aim.

This paraglider became a gift to Telangana as it led to improvement in the tourism industry. It also became useful for the youth as they can now learn about adventure sports and activities in their own state. It has opened doors to employment thereby empowering the youth. He wants to make more advanced paragliders for which he wants the support of the Telangana Government.

This story creates in us a burning desire to do something and we wish to hear such news in the future too.

Image Source: Daily Hunt

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