10-Year-Old Walked 1,700 Miles For Giving A Hug To His Grandmother

This amazing news comes to us from Italy.

Meeting beloved ones after long is a matter of great happiness. This was the case with a 10-year-old boy named Romeo Cox who did not meet her 77-year-old grandma for a long time. He said, “I hadn’t seen granny for a year and a half, so [during lockdown] I planned in secret to go to her.” He planned to walk 1,700 miles to get a hug from his grandmother. In the beginning it was difficult for him to convince his parents but he ended up successfully, the only requirement being that everything would be executed with safety during this pandemic.

By God’s grace, Romeo executed his plans and drew a map and decided to walk and take boats and do everything that goes in favor of the planet. He also insisted his dad to come along as it was important for an adult to guide a 10-year-old kid. His father was a veteran journalist and filmmaker who had invaluable knowledge about making a way in unfavorable conditions. They started their journey on 20th of June and trekked across Italy, Switzerland, and France.

During their journey they faced a lot of odds and evens that included fending off wild dogs, getting lost for a time or two, sore feet, and many more but none of the obstacles stopped them from moving forward. Romeo surely wanted to meet his grandma but that was not the only mission he wanted to accomplish. He desired to raise money to help the refugee children. When Romeo moved to Palermo with his parents he was all new to the place. It was Randolph, a refugee child who became his peer and helped him learning ropes. Randolph’s family was often forced to walk mile after mile to make their way from Ghana to Italy. Romeo said, “He walked even further than I have on this trip, but without food and water and in fear. He was risking his life.” He further exclaimed, “He helped me when I came to Sicily, and so I wanted to help him and other vulnerable children in return.”

Romeo was successful in his mission and raised £14,000 for the Refugee Education across Conflicts Trust. They arrived in London’s Trafalgar Square on 21st September where they were quarantined for two weeks which was mandatory because of Covid-19. After the isolation period they were allowed to move towards Grandma Rosemary’s house. Romeo was completely exhausted but had fun during this trip. He finally ended up hugging his Grandma who was also excited to meet his Grandson after a long time. She said “Children can inspire us and lift us all up.” She further went saying on behalf of all the grannies in the world, “I want to thank Romeo- as well and hug him and kiss him lots.” The love between a grandson and a grandmother is incomparable and nothing can stop them. It was really great to see such love and hope that love spreads in the whole world in the same way.

Image Source: Got TV

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