10-Year-Old Slept For 200 Nights In Tent For Raising Funds For Hospice

This good news comes to us from Braunton, Britain.

It becomes unbearable when we lose someone we love a lot. Max Woosey, 10-year-old boy lost his neighbors, Rick and Sue who were suffering from cancer. They were looked after by a local hospice for which Max wanted to raise funds. It was all during the lockdown period when he thought of this idea because it was a tough time even for the local hospice. He feared that they might suffer due to the restrictions of the pandemic and so to lessen their stress he wanted to raise 100 pounds fund to help them.

To execute his idea, Max started to sleep in a tent in his garden. It was the same tent which was gifted to him by Rick shortly before his death. He said Max to have a wonderful adventurous time in it. Remembering his neighbor Max said, “He was an amazing man- he was super fit, he loved the outdoors.” It was difficult for Max as he had to cope with the ants that made their nests under the tent and left him covered in red marks but this was not an issue for him. According to Max, tethering down of the tent in the middle of the night during severe storms was the biggest affair. However, he smartly handled these rough situations and was successful in his desire and collected more than 40,000 pounds for the hospice.

Max did not stop here and said, “I’m planning to do a year in the tent and then see where it goes from there really.” Soon after his comment Rachael, Max’s mum exclaimed, “Then he’s coming inside.” Max’s reply to his mum’s exclamation was a ‘NO’. This young boy explained that love is above all and we should always help others in any way we can.

Image Source: Metro

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