This Dubai cabbie can speak 10 different languages and netizens are super impressed

This amazing news comes to us from Dubai.

Language is an important aspect that connects people and it can also draw them apart when two people trying to converse with each other speak different languages.

There are several people who learn foreign languages out of passion and here we will tell you about one such person who has great interest in learning various languages and today he speaks 10 languages that too fluently.

A native from Peshawar, Sayed a former watchman came to Dubai in order to work as a cab driver and earn money to get his wife treated. Aged 33, Syed was actually studying medicine right before he decided to move to the UAE. He made this decision when his wife was diagnosed with a heart disease. With the ability to converse in Russian, Mandarin, Pashto, Hindi, Tagalog, English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and Malyalam, Sayed said in an interview, “People’s faces automatically light up when you speak to them in their language. There is better respect and understanding between us…I got inspired by that”

In the interview with Khaleej Times, he stated that he was studying medicine and aspired to be a doctor and it was only when he was in his third year of studies that he had to shift to the UAE for earning money.

Apart from all this, Sayed also has an inclination towards learning languages. Even after having a knowledge of 10 languages already, he wishes to learn several others too. Sayed also wishes that his children get proper education and can prosper in life.

The cool cabbie opines that language barriers should be broken so that people develop better relationships and the world becomes a happier place to live in. He also stated that he took help of Google translate and many other language translation apps for mastering the 10 languages that he has learnt so far.

The interview by Khaleej Times has garnered love and respect from people around the world and Sayed is being applauded for his language skills and love. In the video, you will also get a glimpse of Sayed’s language intelligence and skill. We so wish that his dreams come true and his children get way more than what they deserve.

Source: Khaleej Times  |  Photo Credit: YouTube

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