Desire To Make Healthy And Affordable Food To Millions Became His Aim

This amazing news comes to us from U.K.

Mr. Vijay P. K Mangam, a Metallurgist, is the Managing Director at Bhanu Castings (India) situated in the U.K and founder of Ravioli. He drew everyone’s attention on a very important matter and that was consuming HEALTHY FOOD. He found out that there is a very close relationship between nutritious food and healthy body.

He realised this when he was living in the U.K. and struggled for easily accessible, safe and sufficient food. He also stated that appropriate food can cure many illnesses and do miracles for the body. His aim was to inspire millions of people to eat good food, stay active and have a balanced life. Hence he founded Ravioli for providing healthy food easily accessible to many people and discussions on the wellbeing of the human body.

Vijay exclaimed that at Ravioli, the health experts carefully examine the present dietary and workout behaviors and then customise a strategy for the client. He pointed out “The part of our splendid body-machinery has different nutritional requirements at a particular time so Ravioli assistance comes with proper guidance.”

Although counselling at Ravioli is optional, a number of people want to start their Ravioli journey under the supervision of professional nutritionist and workout specialist. The experts at Ravioli make comprehensive plans and meal preparation techniques to get ready super tasty and super healthy suppers depending on customer’s tastes and dietary habits. Fresh food is cooked and delivered with proper hygiene and a healthy environment.

Vijay quoted that not only food but proper exercise is also an important medicine for human body. At Ravioli, fitness experts design different exercise based on fitness goals of individuals. According to him a healthy routine can help maintain fitness without any dieting. The services at Ravioli include fitness bands, diet charts and lots of love and attention to help individuals defeat their tedious habits or unhealthy dietary routine.

At Ravioli, freshly cooked organic food is delivered without any artificial touch. The customers who prefer following fitness techniques and dietary logs under Ravioli are provided with free foods. It also provides juices with no added preservatives and sugar for regular detoxing of body.

Experts guide families and individuals to lessen the chances of heart attacks, asthma, blood pressure or any other medical problems. Ravioli aims at increasing the nutritional value in foods for wellness of people. Last but not the least, Vijay Mangam stated “Nothing is said to be a wonder diet, and only a healthy eating style can do wonders.” This concept of his inspires us to consume good food and eliminate detox stuff from our eating routine.

Image Source: Book Of Achievers

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