A Waiter Becomes The Owner Of A Restaurant In East London

This amazing story comes to us from London.

Hard work and dedication are important for starting any career and fulfilling the same. Reliability, honesty and trust are the magic words which stand true for the hero of our story, Mr. Usman Abubacker, a waiter of “The Halal Restaurant” in East London who later became the owner of the place. It all started in 1970 when Usman was standing outside a Mess in London. Being the lunch time, he was asked to wait till the owner was over with the customers. While waiting, Usman found a dirty car in the parking and started cleaning it. The owner was overwhelmed by this act and took no time to hire Usman for servicing at The Halal.

He started as a Kitchen Assistant and later became the waiter. He learned his job with full dedication and commitment. He had to take up the post of manager when his owner had to travel back to India. Eventually, he became the owner and is still running the restaurant.

Usman was born in Kerala in 1933 and had to take up the family responsibilities at a very young age of just 15 years. He then moved to Mumbai to work on board ships and travelled across the world. He started a business in Kerala in 1966 which did not work well and so was shut down. It was then when he reached London with the help of his friend.

The first hurdle after reaching London was the Language. But Usman did not give up and chose this language on ship as well as while working at The Halal. His language started improving while taking orders from the customers. His positive attitude was also a reason behind his success. He developed good relationships with the customers through polite talks and humble nature and they visited The Halal again and again.

V. Raja, a family friend said, “The most admirable aspect about Usman is how he grew his network of friends and worked towards establishing himself in a place far from home.”

The specialty of the restaurant was not the ambience or the aroma, it was the taste of food which remained the same over decades. This attracted customers to visit The Halal again and again. They exclaimed that the taste of food never changed irrespective of whether it being hot or cold. The Indian dishes were mouthwatering for the residents of London. Usman started the business not only with dedication and hard work but also gave his love and affection to the same. Hats off to the sheer strength of this man who came all alone, created a network of friends and is now the owner of a famous restaurant in London.

Image Source: The Better India

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