Trash Collectors Become Real-Life Heroes For A Little Toddler

This amazing news comes to us from Toronto, Canada.

Wolfgang Reader, a 3 year old toddler has his future plan which is very much realistic and down to earth. His interest is towards the garbage trucks, their drivers and the whole process of loading the trash. He is so obsessed with this that he has his own collection of garbage truck toys with which he plays. He loves spending most of his time at home rather than with his friends because of the current pandemic situation. Friday becomes his favorite day, the reason being it the garbage collection day.

Every Friday morning Wolfy acts as a mascot for the garbage collectors when the trash trucks come to his street. For him they are super heroes especially Drew and D.J. who has given a nickname ‘Wolfpack’ to Wolfy.

Due to covid-19, parents of Wolfy could not throw a grand birthday party but told him to invite a few friends and it was obvious that the list included D.J. and Drew. Since his birthday was on Wednesday they doubted the arrival of the two friends because it was not a garbage collection day but with a little effort of Wolfy’s grandmother, it became possible.

On the birthday morning, the entire family was surprised to see four green trash trucks with honking horns. The trash collectors came with gifts and howled from the truck’s window and gave Wolfy a chance to honk the horn.

D.J. being out of town could not manage to attend Wolfy’s birthday but Drew came up with other garbage collectors and celebrated the little child’s grand day. They played with his toys and drove off after the celebration was done. The friendship between Wolfy and trash collectors is beyond limits. It has a very important significance in the toddler’s life.

Drew also exclaimed that such enthusiasm towards something like this and that too in a simpler way brings meaning and shows the significance of everyone’s contribution in society. It also makes him feel good and happy.

Such inevitable thoughts of today’s generation will surely improve the society. This heartwarming incident is sure to leave people wondering. The world where people ill treat trash collectors, a little boy is giving them so much love.

Image Source: Good News Network

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