Meet The Widower Looking For Friends After Wife’s Death

This happy news comes from East Hampshire, England.

Tony Williams, a resident of Alton in East Hampshire of England is a retired physicist aged 75 years lost his wife who was suffering from pancreatic cancer just nine days after the disease was diagnosed. He said that they moved to Alton a year ago to come closer to his sister, Beryl. They were not able to have any child leaving this couple lonely. Still their love for each other was enough for living but the sudden death of Jo, Tony’s wife made him completely alone.

He often remained at home hoping for the phone to ring but it never did and that was the time when he thought that he was ill-fated by isolation. But he was not discouraged and put two advertisements in a local newspaper for chatting with friends but he was disheartened when no reply came in this regard. He was so curious to make friends that he printed business cards and distributed the same whenever he moved outside. But here too he was depressed with no reply at all.

It was the time when he decided to hang a poster up in his window asking for friendship. Luck favored him this time. He was flooded with phone calls, messages and mails. People from different countries have sent him invitation for lunches and road trips. Many people have asked him to get adopted by them to be their kids’ grandfather. The strangers, now friends of Tony send pictures of their kids and pets and also convey that they always think about him. He also received an e-mail from a teacher asking if her students could write him letters and he delightfully accepted the request and said that it would be lovely if children would convey their love for him through letters. He also got a proposal from a lady who wishes to pick him up and show her place at Florida if she gets a plane.

Tony is overwhelmed with joy and tears come out of his eyes showing the immense need of friends which were now fulfilled. He is thankful to everyone for their love and is enjoying talking to friends from all over the world and has even planned to meet them after the pandemic is over. The kindness and love towards an elderly person has shown that people with rich heart exists in today’s selfish world.

Image Source: Inside Express

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