Girl From The Slums Becomes IAS Officer

This inspiring news comes to us from Delhi, India.

Ummul Kher is a 28 year old woman blessed with an angelic smile, and cursed by Brittle Bone Disease. She has fought against poverty and ill health for her education and definitely proved that she is a worthy candidate for the plum post of an IAS officer.

Ummul’s story reads like Cinderella. She has been dogged by poverty and a genetic disorder all through her life. However, nothing could affect her ambitions and determination. She has an iron will and that has shown her the way in her journey so far.

Ummul was born in a slum in New Delhi and that is where she grew up. The overflowing garbage drains and its unbearable stink was her constant companion. Her dreams then seemed distant and unachievable. Her father was the owner of a tiny tea stall and that was not enough to meet the needs of the family. Ummul was enrolled in a government school where she studied till the 8th standard. However the economic situation of the family was not good at all and they decided to close shop and move back to Rajasthan which was their hometown.

Ummul however, was determined to complete her education as she saw that it was the only thing that could raise her out of poverty. She was ambitious and wanted to do something meaningful with her life. Her parents did not see eye to eye with her and left for Rajasthan, leaving her to fend for herself.

As she was so good in studies, a local teacher came to the aid of Ummul. She was admitted to a private school. Ummul got herself a small hut in the slums of Trilokpuri and gave tuitions to support herself. As her students she had children of auto drivers and iron smiths who could not afford to pay her much. She would get 50-100 rupees per student, but she managed with that.

Ummul is an exceptionally bright student and she passed her 12th board exams with distinction. Thereafter she got admitted to Gargi College under the Delhi University. She did her masters in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University and it was here that she qualified for the Junior Research Fellowship because of which she got a generous grant of 25000 rupees a month for her studies and research.

Apart from her financial situation, Ummul also had to fight Fragile Bone Disorder. She has weak bones and even a minor injury causes her a high level of discomfort along with a lot of pain. Till date, she has suffered 16 fractures and gone through 8 surgeries, even being on a wheelchair for months on end. However, her disabilities could not dampen her spirits and she has always looked for the bright side of things.

In spite of the problems she faces, Ummul as shone bright like a diamond. She has managed to qualify for the UPSC examinations in her very first attempt, securing the 420th rank all over India. She has been waiting for this moment all her life and now is poised to become an IAS officer.

Image Source: Book Of Achievers

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