University Student Rescued From A Tumble Dryer In A Drunken State

This surprising news comes to us from Otago, New Zealand.

What if someone gets stuck inside a tumble dryer and is not able to rescue herself from such a difficult situation! This will not only shock but also surprise everyone who comes to know about the matter. One such incident took place in New Zealand where a university student named Rosie Cole got stuck in a tumble dryer in a drunken state.

Rosie had a few glasses with her roommates after which she was not in a stable position and dared to make her way through a tumble dryer. She thought that could not really fit into the machine but being in a drunken state she however managed to get inside the dryer through the front door but eventually got stuck inside. Her friends tried a lot to take her out but they failed. It hurt her toes and then they realised that it was not an easy task to rescue her. Her roommate Dunwell said, “because of the way her legs were folded up inside her they couldn’t get her out. Probably doesn’t help that she was drunk as well though.”

After the attempt by the roommates, Emergency services were called at around 11pm because they believed that if the firefighters could save ‘cats from trees’ then they would surely be able to save ‘students from tumble dryers.’ Hence, the firefighters arrived to rescue the girl from this situation. Humberside Fire & Rescue Service was the team which saved the girl. As per the footage shown, three firemen managed to pull her out uninjured after about 20 minutes of the incident. However, Rosie was cheering right after being saved.

Right after the incident Rosie said, “They were lovely and they just laughed at me. When they were leaving they opened the washing machine and asked if anyone else needed saving.” These words were for the firefighters who came to rescue her. The entire experience was shared on TikTok and is now going viral. This situation can be called both funny and unpleasant. It could have injured Rosie a lot but the rescue team managed to help her out in the right time. We should not take life for granted and always praise God for whatever He has given us. Nobody has the right to play with his life whatever the situation may and always be grateful to the Almighty.

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