Departmental Store At Berlin Opened For Selling Recycled Items

This good news comes to us from Berlin, Germany.

The city of Berlin has decided to sell goods that can be recycled and reused by opening a departmental store in the middle of the very popular Karstadt department store. This store named B-Wa(h)renhaus, sells variety of products like clothes, furniture, mobile phones and other electronic devices. The electronic goods sold are initially repaired by experts to make them in a saleable condition that too with a one year warranty.

With a successful outcome in six months, the city has planned to open four more similar stores in other parts of Berlin. It aims at opening at least one store in each district of the city. These stores are a part of Berlin’s impressive sustainability resume which has reduced average annual household waste by 11 kg per resident through various policies and educational campaigns since 2008. It has also been successful in recycling 49% of its mineral construction waste which includes bricks and concrete.

The city aims at reusing the discarded electronic goods and bulky items and expand the market for these items beyond the system of usual bargaining and eco-conscious consumers. Dorothee Winden, city spokesperson said, “Three years ago, we started collecting all kinds of used goods that people have in their cellars or attics.” She also said that the things which are well-preserved and functioning but are not being used anymore by the people are being given a new life and sold to somebody who uses them.

The store has an educational centre for creating awareness among the people to throw less and use more. An award was also received by the store for a project that recycled school uniforms so that parents don’t have to buy new ones every year. It has also made its connection with online retailers that provide clothes which are returned to them and cannot be sold anymore.

It is stories like this one that creates a sense of awareness among the people with ideas of recycling and reusing of things which are considered to be a waste. Let’s make a pledge to stop throwing things instantly and coming up with ideas to use it in a different way. It is we the humans who can make the planet a better place to live in, don’t you agree?

Image Source: Cities Today

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