Garbage Land Area Turned Into A Beautiful Forest In Chennai

This amazing news comes to us from Chennai, India.
The task of turning a garbage land into a beautiful forest is a noteworthy job and this has been made possible in Kotturpuram, Chennai where a dense forest has been established with trees standing close to each other. The area in the Canal Bank Road was filled with construction left-over and household wastes. The people residing there often complained to the Corporation regarding the foul smell which disturbed them a lot. The complaint was looked after by the civic body and it was decided to clear the land and turn it into a forest which will promote greenery. Hence, they planted around 2020 trees following the Miyawaki method of planting trees.
The Miyawaki method was introduced in the 1980s by a Japanese Botanist, Akira Miyawaki. In this method, the trees can be set up in four days. In the beginning, the pits are dug and left to dry for a day which is later followed by mixing of various components for manure like sugarcane bagasse, vermicompost, dry leaves, cocopeat and various other manure with sand and then the mixture is dumped into the pit for three days before the sapling is planted.
The method is said to be a successful one in creating a native forest by planting native trees. The corporation has planted 40 different varieties of trees which include Java plum, Teak, Mahua and many more following the Miyawaki method. Now, the place has turned from distracting scenery into a pleasant one. It has also become a home for many birds which adds to the beauty of the forest. After a success in Kotturpuram, the civic body has planted another forest in Valasaravakkam.
The Regional Deputy Commissioner (South), Chennai Corporation, Alby John Varghenese said that the idea was to plant native species that could develop in a self-reliant way. He said, “The whole land area used to be an eye-sore with various debris and garbage. The Miyawaki method has shown good results and the civic body is set to plant trees in the same method in three more locations in the city.”
This great change not only shows the hard-work and dedication of the Corporation but also the innovative idea behind plantation of native species of trees to prevent them from extinguishing. The idea must be adopted by every region and city to use the barren and unused land as a forest which will help the people as well as other creatures.

Image Source: The News Minute

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