Liberal Boss Gives Staff 10 Million As A Gift On Retirement

This good news comes to us from UK, London.

After many years of service when a person takes retirement, the colleagues working him gives a farewell party showing the love and respect towards him. The colleague’s gifts include bouquets, cards and sometimes framed photos. This represents that they have enjoyed working with him and will always remember the person in future.

But in UK something strange and surprising happened. The boss gifted 10 millions on his retirement to his colleagues as a token of farewell from the work. David Stevens, the chief executive of Admiral, a successful motor insurance company located in Wales is the man with a golden heart. He and his wife started this business in the year 1991.

They started this enterprise with only a handful of people but now it has expanded with a team of 7,500 staff which itself is a great attainment. They have their overseas business running in countries like India, US, France, Spain, Italy and Canada.

Mr. David Stevens decided to divide the gift according to the time the employees devote to their work. So, it was finalised to pay 1270 dollars to the full-time workers and 635 dollars to the part-time staff.

He also exclaimed that gifting a token of money is the best way of expressing his gratitude and thanks to his colleagues. He remarked that he feels very proud and blessed to have worked with such an exceptional team.

In his interview he said the most inspiring words about the do’s and don’ts for future leaders. He said that one must keep trying and learning even after many failures because failures help us learn more than successes. He also quoted that there must be no communication gap between the boss and his employees which if generated can destroy the entire business.

This story leaves us spell-bound and also inspires us to work differently to achieve success and never ignore the dedication of employees.

Image Source: Metro

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