Multi-Talented Girl to Complete Bachelor in Hindi at The Age of 11

This amazing news comes to us from India.

Learning a second language other than mother tongue opens the door to success and possibilities. Deepthi, an eleven-year-old girl completed her BA degree in Hindi which includes several levels of examination. It all started when she saw her neighbor talking fluently in Hindi. This made her interest stronger towards learning this language. From the beginning her parents and friends supported her well. This boosted her confidence and encouraged her to learn Hindi as her second language.

She was guided by her teachers named Shanthi and Kowsalya who encouraged and supported her continuously. She has many other skills other than the BA degree in Hindi. She is a great dancer, a constant prize winner from LKG to 5th grade and also participated in all the activities held in and out of the school. She is the winner in science club competition and a gold medalist in Brain-o-Brain skill development programme. Not only co-curricular, but she also has remarkable handwriting skills which gained her prizes. She was awarded by the Vyshya Achiever Award for Hindi, handwriting and Brain-o-Brain.

She not only has interest in studies and co-curriculum but she also likes to collect stamps, old coins and rupees which added to her hobbies. Her ideal and inspiration is Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Sir who himself believed in the young minds. Today, the young minds are considering him as their inspiration. His thoughts and ideas are surely making a positive impact on the society and directing it in the right way. Just like other kids, Deepthi is stepping towards learning various skills with added interest and enthusiasm. She has inspired the young generations to do things with interest and lead a successful life. May she achieve more success and get whatever she desires.

Image Source: My Stupid Little Science

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