Transformation of Bedroom Wall into A Climbing Structure as A Result of Boredom During Covid-19 Outbreak

This amazing news comes to us from the U.K.

A positive effect of Covid-19 is well observed in the U.K where Eric Sloan, a 16-year-old girl transforms her bedroom wall into a climbing structure as the training center where she works as an instructor was closed due to the outbreak of the pandemic. She took a week to build the 8-foot climbing structure. She exclaimed that due to shortage of materials supply, her work could not be completed in one day. However, with the assistance of her father and her boss at the center she could get all the supplies necessary to build the structure. Her mother knew that she could do it and laid great confidence in Eric.

She said, “I am a girl and climbing is not a female-dominated sport. That is something that drew me to do this.” She worked for 8 hours a day and gave her full effort in completing the structure as fast as possible because it was a long time she last did the climbing adventure. She explained how strategically she made the whole climbing board at her place.

Eric also said that her 9-year-old Labrador could not recognize her room after the board was built. She said, “He walked into my room, saw my wall and thought he was in the wrong house.” She trained her students for about 80 hours a week with both on and off wall activities. The off wall included cardiovascular activities like cycling and running.

Due to the outbreak, Eric was unable to go to her training center which was her second home and this made her build the wall so that she could have a home away from a home.

Such positive stories inspire us to have a positive attitude towards life whatever the situation may.

Image Source: Good News Network

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