Panipuri Seller Emerges as One of the International Cricket Star

This amazing news comes to us from Uttar Pradesh, India.

Yashasvi Jaiswal left home at the age of 10 because of his passion towards cricket. His parents supported his dream and allowed him to move to Kalbadevi slum because this slum was closer to the training center of cricket which he wanted to attend in Dadar, Mumbai. Because of accommodation difficulties he was forced to live in the United Muslim Club in Azad Maidan, Mumbai where he often starved due to unavailability of food. He sold panipuri for his living.

Fate favored him in the year 2013 when coach of a cricket academy in Santacruz, Mr. Jwala Singh offered him training, accommodation and also became his legal guardian.

Mr. Singh says “It’s about doing the right things. Every player should know how much exercise to do, his diet, how much to focus on skill. The balanced practice is more important.”

Yashasvi achieved popularity in the year 2015 in a Giles Shield match where he scored 319 runs. He joined the U19 team of Mumbai and became the team’s top scorer at the age of 16. He participated in the 2018 ACC U19 Asian Cup where the Indian team was declared the senior champion. In the year 2019, he made remarkable victories and entered the A-list playing for Mumbai in the Vijay Hazare Trophy where he scored double century.

At the end of 2019, he won two major awards. Yashasvi was selected as a member of Indian team for the Under 19 Cricket World Cup in 2020 and was also signed up by the Rajasthan Royal before IPL 2020. He became the top scorer batsman in the U19 Cricket World Cup in 2020.

Mr. Singh is the person behind Yashasvi’s success and he not only trained him in cricket but also helps him in studying English. Yashasvi is a determined cricketer and he knows very well as to how to maintain a balance between career and studies. He knows that one needs to be calm, composed and enjoy the game and be happy as there will be a good day and a bad one too. The achievements of this left handed batsman are yet to be written in golden words in the coming years.

This young star becomes an inspiration for every person who wants to do something in life and also for people in sports. So, one should be determined and hard-working to achieve success.

Image Source: Book Of Achievers

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