Stranger on road saved a toddler from rolling down a steep path

This wonderful news comes to us from Colombia, South America

It feels wonderful when we get to know about some random act of kindness but then some such stories leave us so touched that we cannot help but praise the person beyond limits. Something similar happened in Florencia’s neighbourhood namely Rincon de la Estrella.

A biker was on his way when he suddenly spotted a toddler speeding towards a steep road as his walker lost control. The biker didn’t spare a moment to halt his bike but he immediately jumped off his bike, and ran towards the baby in order to save him anyhow. His bike fell off on the street, his bag slid from his shoulder but the man was on his spontaneous mission to save the baby and the netizens rejoiced at the moment when the man caught the baby in his arms just on time.

Soon after, a lady (assumed to be the baby’s mother) came running into the scene and hugged the baby tightly. The entire incident got recorded on the CCTV camera installed on the road and it created a buzz on the web. Netizens not only thanked the man for his kind actions but also praised him for his great presence of mind. People also went on to say that it is not easy to have such an amazing spontaneous action.

Applauds for ‘keeping the human spirit alive’ were soon doing the rounds on twitter when the video footage released. The man has received blessings from innumerable people and he is a hero in true sense. When the world is going through a tough phase, it is incidents like this that spread happiness and hope amongst people.

The kind video has received millions of views and we so wish that we get to see kindness more often!

Image Source: The Indian Express

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