Priyanshi Somani – World Mental Maths Champion

Mathematics is a subject that most people take with a pinch of salt. What starts off as simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division soon gives way to more demanding processes that invites despair from even the best of students. At a time when kids of her age are busy playing and exploring, Priyanshi Somani, regarded as the human calculator has won many different laurels, the most significant one being the winner of the Mental Calculation World Cup in 2010. IN the process, she set a new record for mental square root calculation.

Born in 1998 in Surat, Gujarat, Priyanshi showed a zest for numbers from a very early age. Her parents, to cultivate this talent in her, put her in special classes for mental mathematics at the age of 6. Here, Priyanshi learned the techniques for solving mathematics teasers in the mind, without the aid of pen and paper.

In 2006, when she was seven years old, after only a year of mental maths classes, Priyanshi won the national championship for Abacus and the competition for mental arithmetic. In 2007 Priyanshi went global, winning the world competition in Abacus in Malaysia.

At the World cup in 2010, Priyanshi secured first place for the feat of extracting square roots from 6 digit numbers, up to a whopping 8 significant digits after zero. This feat took her only 6.51 minutes. She won the second place for addition feats (10 numbers of 10 digits) and also multiplication (2 numbers of 8 digits). In addition to this, Priyanshi took only 6.28 minutes to complete 10 tasks of finding out square roots of numbers, smashing all previously held records.

In 2012, the Memoriad Cup became Priyanshi’s target. At this prestigious event, she became the new worl record holder, in Mental Square Roots, by completing 10 tasks of 6 digit numbers under 3 minutes. She managed to accurately calculate all the tasks up to 8 significant digits.

Now, at 21 years, Priyanshi says that she does not take part in competitions anymore, preferring to hone her skills in theatre. She signs off by saying that her agile and fast mind helps her to stay flexible and creative.

Image Source: Book Of Achievers

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