Government Teachers Prepare Garhwali Songs In Order To Enhance General Knowledge And Promote Local Language For Children

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

Based on the history of Uttarakhand, government teachers prepared 14 garhwali songs. These songs were composed to enhance general knowledge and promote local languages of children. It was prepared in a traditional folk music format size like Jagar (music used to awaken the deities).They took the initiative of teaching kids in innovative manner. A government teacher and composer of the songs, Nand Kishore, said that he and other government teachers decided to educate students in the form of folk songs as it is popular among every age group.

The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) recently released the album on YouTube. Another Government teacher, Om Badhani who sang the songs, said “Each song is based on different topic. They are based on the state’s demography, history, fairs and festivals, flora and fauna, famous personalities, mountain ranges, rivers and tourist places.”

He further said that they had prepared songs on the state’s symbols, wildlife sanctuaries and national perks, which will be released soon. The songs were released on YouTube that make the children gain different local music forms and traditional instruments by watching the videos. They can learn besides having the general information.

They have had preparing 14 Garhwali songs for nearly two years. All types of local culture were being taught to kids in the form of music. This highly recommended manner was acknowledged by everyone.  The government teachers were flooded with immense amount of appreciation. The children also enjoyed and learnt very well by this innovative method.

Image Source: TOI

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