Dubai based Indian worker showed love for his wife, sends love in the shape of a heart

This wonderful news comes to us from Dubai.

It is difficult to part with the ones we love! But often work takes you places and you have to leave your loved ones behind to earn the livelihood, to sustain life. However, it is never easy and you yearn from time to time to get back to your family. In the event, it is not possible to physically visit you find ways to showcase it in your actions and gestures. One such gesture we found in the Indian worker while working his shift in the streets of Dubai.

Ramesh Gangarajan Gandhi who works as a housekeeping staff for a firm in Dubai was found arranging the fallen petals into the shape of a heart. The image was captured by Nesma Farhat and posted on Instagram which went viral.

Ramesh Gangarajan Gandhi is an India based worker in Dubai and has been away from home in this crisis and misses his wife. So, even while cleaning when he saw fallen petals he formed a heart thinking about his wife, dedicating it to his wife.

Luckily, the moment was captured and posted on Instagram by ‘thehappyboxofficial’, rightly captioning, “The best thing we’ve seen all year #2020 a bittersweet moment.”. The picture got many positives to react and reactions acknowledging the man’s love for his wife.

This is a trivial yet sweet moment that carries the message of love and affection, something we all need to hold on to to get by this crisis, all the unprecedented events unfolding every now and then in 2020. The act of Ramesh for his life has left us with a sweet smile and a reminder that it is okay to be far and still continue to love.

Image Source: Indian Express

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