A Reel-Life Hero, A Visually Impaired Teacher Finds His Love Through A Movie And Got Married

This happy news comes to us from Palakkad, India

It is not easy to find your soulmate! And when you are differently-abled, when even in today’s modern world we are so disconnected in understanding the lives of people with visual impairment it is even further difficult to get the right match. However, the ways of the universe are mystical and strange, and love finds its way in the end. The story of Clint Mathew transpired to be one such story.

Clint Mathew, visually impaired, a teacher at Hellen Keller School of the Blind met his match through a twist a fate. The film Thahira required a good looking visually impaired hero and Clint Mathew landed the role after recommended by Kerala Federation of Blind. Clint was skeptical and reluctant about doing this but fate has it, he agreed, and later found her match who is also a teacher through the promotions of this movie in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. 

Jossey Antony first saw Clint in the promos of the movie Thahira and fell for him. Jossey liked Clint’s confidence and his spark to take up challenging tasks no matter the obstacles. She fell for the hero. She also managed to convince her family and eventually had her happy ending, just like the movies.

Clint who was struggling since 2014 to finds someone who accepts his condition and also view him not with pity or sympathetic light but for the courage and life every visually impaired human being has. They work, they laugh, they do all sorts of things any normal human being will yet the generic idea is too misleading and impacted Clint’s idea of life and marriage.

Finally, when Clint found Jossey it was as if there are rainbows in the sky. They got married in a small ceremony owing corona crisis. Nonetheless, even the crisis could not sap the happiness out of the happy couple. The story of Clint and Jossey is a remarkable one to rekindle the belief in love and fate. We wish the couple a happy married life and hope their love grows even stronger with each passing day. Knowing more about such stories amidst the current scenario is a boon for people who are otherwise depressed because of the pandemic and its effect.

Image Source: New Indian Express

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