Doctors Saved an Infant Girl in Rajkot Giving Her a New Life

This uplifting news comes to us from Rajkot, India

Pain could be a major guide in our lives –  it decides our action and our faith both in a positive or negative light. Moreover, when the pain is to someone we dearly love it could disrupt and destroy you. Suhana’s parents felt this pain when they saw her year-old infant losing the light of life before their eyes. The pain however pushed them to act and their faith was rewarded.

This incident happened in Amreli when a year-old girl child reportedly all of a sudden started having difficulty breathing and had swallowed a glass bead. The girl was rushed by her parents to the Amreli Civil Hospital where they were immediately sent to Rajkot Civil Hospital. Amidst the corona crisis, the dismay had started to consume Suhana’s parents as well as hanging by a loose thread. However, the timely action and courageous move by the Rajkot Civil Hospital’s doctor not only saved the girl child but also restored Suhana’s parents’ faith.

The doctors were prompt and took all the prudent actions using the available resource without putting the child in any danger of Corona Virus. Dr. Sejal Mistry, the Assistant professor of ENT department remarked on the standard procedure which requires a CTC scan to identify the foreign particles. Owing to the corona crisis, the CTC scan that is also used for corona patients can expose the child and kill critical time as well.

Rajkot’s Civil hospital doctors showed their commitment to stand as a white angel between life and death. Just with a chest scan, the doctors decided to act and ENT performed the bronchoscopy removing the glass particle from trachea successfully.

This incident showed how a doctor can replenish life and dying faith. Rajkot’s Civil Hospital has shown a mark of inspiration in these dark times. It is incidents like these that are filling up people with courage and determination to stand against the pandemic and have faith in God. We believe that till the time we have doctors like these, the nation is in safe hands and hopefully corona free days are arriving soon. The respect towards doctors and all the other frontline corona warriors is increasing day by day.

Image Source: TOI

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