Pune’s ‘Warrior Aaji’ aged 85 stuns people with her martial art skills

This amazing news come to us from Pune, India

For some people it is rightly said that ‘age is just a number!’ An elderly woman aged 85 was seen on the streets of Pune performing traditional martial arts and people were in complete awe.

Given the title “Warrior Aaji” meaning warrior grandmother, this maharashtrian elderly woman came out on the streets in Pune to perform martial arts in order to earn money from the onlookers to support her family during lockdown. Her video surfaced on the web and garnered too much attention. It was loved by the netizens and people showered praises. She got applauded for her enthusiasm and zeal at this age.

Several celebrities like Bollywood actors Sonu Sood, Riteish Deshmukh and others tweeted to enquire about her details because they wanted to help her. Sonu Sood went on to declare that he wants to help this lady open a school for teaching martial art techniques to young girls and women for self defence.

Another lady who shot the video gave more information about this elderly woman and thus we came to know that her name is Shanta Balu Pawar. Upon further enquiry, Pawar said that she had worked as a background artist in a few Bollywood films featuring SriDevi, Dharmendra, Hema Malini etc.

In the video that created a buzz online, Pawar is seen rotating a stick and then 2 sticks simultaneously in full speed. She said that she has been practicing this art since she was 8. Her father had been her inspiration and he always taught her to work hard. For the present days, she said that due to the pandemic people mostly stay indoors, thus she has to clang utensils in order to send a signal of her performance.

Pawar is thankful to god for giving her the stamina to perform at this age and she is happy to support her family financially. She also said that her grandchildren are currently studying and that makes her content.

Warrior Aaji’s story is enough to fill people with enthusiasm and give a new direction to their lives. Staying fit and healthy is the urgent need of the hour and martial arts is one of the best ways to keep our mind, body and soul strong. Pawar deserves a salute from each one of us and we pray for her financial stability.

Image Source: NEWS18

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