Disabled Boy Gets Tricycle After Request On Social Media

This wonderful news comes to us from Palakonda, India.

Pasinabilli Balaji is a 15-year-old disabled boy in Srikakulam who with help from well-meaning mentors, got gifted a tricycle just one day after he posted his request on Facebook.

Balaji is a student of class 10 and he stays on Chinna Kapu Street in Palakonda. He wanted a tricycle because he couldn’t ride a regular bicycle due to his disability. His request came in because he wanted to help his parents with chores.

His message went out to the state government as well as the many volunteer organizations out there. Well-meaning people when they came across his post passed on Balaji’s request to the District Collector J. Nivas on the evening of August 14th.

Even though the Collector was very busy with supervising the arrangements for Independence Day, he instructed the additional director of the differently abled department to do all that was needful to honor the request of the boy.

The additional director of the differently abled department named Jeevan, on Saturday handed over the tricycle to Pasinabilli Balaji in his village in Srikakulam. The boy marked a happy Independence Day after he received the tricycle and was all smiles at his request being granted.

Jeevan said the disabled department had earlier gifted a cycle to Balaji, but it was damaged and wrecked. He also said the department came forward because the parents of the boy are daily wage laborers and unable to fulfill the boy’s wish because of financial constraints.

When asked what he would do with the new tricycle, Balaji said that he would use it to help his parents and he also thanked the Collector for the impressive gift that was highly appreciated.

Image Source: New Indian Express

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