Doctor’s Timely Tele-Consultation Saves The Life Of A Patient

This good news comes to us from Hyderabad.

The patient in question is a 62-year-old male who developed a fever and was prescribed the normal anti-fever medication as usual. However, his condition did not improve and he deteriorated significantly. On the tenth day of his illness he reported severe breathlessness and that was when Dr Vishnu Vardhan who is a Civil Assistant Surgeon with the District Hospital in Sangareddy, intervened to snatch the patient away from veritable death at the hands of COVID-19.

Dr Vardhan shares that his colleague had first informed him that his father was feeling breathless, Dr Vardhan advised the patient to get a chest X-ray and also a high resolution computed tomography done. As the doctor had guessed, both these tests showed that there was opaqueness in the lungs. This presented a tricky situation because the tests were indicative of COVID-19 but the RT-PCR test had come up negative.

Dr Vardhan decided to start treatment with steroids because the family was in Narayankhed and at a remote location. The 62-year old patient’s son is himself a doctor and he collaborated closely with Dr Vardhan to ensure that his father received the proper treatment. The patient was administered a steroid, Methylprednisolone two times a day through IV. The diagnosis and treatment was spot on and within 48 hours the patient’s fever went away and his breathing was normalized.

Dr Vardhan says that the oxygen saturation level as well as other vital signs had improved but there were irregularities in his heartbeat. This is indicative of the fact that the Coronavirus might have affected the heart. At such a stage, Dr Vardhan and his colleague decided to intervene and the patient was shifted to a hospital wherein doctors continued the same treatment for a period of two days after which the patient was discharged. Dr Vardhan signs off by saying that if a patient happens to be breathless and has X-rays and CT-scans to support the ailment, oral steroids are prescribed to improve the condition of the patient immediately. He says that this has worked in the case of 15 such patients who later recovered from COVID-19.

Image Source: Express Healthcare

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