Maoist Platoon Commander Surrenders After Encouragement From Sister

This good news comes to us from Raipur, India.

Malla, a hardcore Maoist platoon commander who carried a reward of 8 lakh rupees on his head, surrendered to the police in Dantewada on Monday after being coaxed by his elder sister.

Malla’s sister had told him that she would only tie a rakhi on his wrist if he left the insurgent outfit and return home. His sister’s pleas did not fall on empty ears and Malla surrendered before the police early this week.

Back when he was only 12 years old, the Maoists had taken Malla with them on one of their raids on villages. Malla from Palnar village, in time rose through the ranks of the insurgent outfit and became a feared and hardcore Maoist in his own right. 14 years later Malla returned to his village on the day of Rakshabandhan after which his sister refused to let him go back to the Maoists and a world of violence.

After a great deal of persuasion and threats from his sister, Malla yielded to sibling love and was led by his sister Langa to the police station where he surrendered. Langa tied a rakhi on the hand of Malla after his surrender.

Abhiskek Pallava, the SP of Dantewad let media-persons know that Malla had been arrested and because he was the commander of a platoon of Maoists, it was very likely that he had a hand in many major incidents of Maoist violence over the last decade.

It was also said that Malla would be entitled to the benefits of the Lon Varratu scheme which is the surrender policy of the state.

Image Source: The Print

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