Police Inspector Teaches Underprivileged Kid Who Wants To Don Khaki

This wonderful news comes to us from Indore, India.

Madhya Pradesh’s Indore is a crime capital and its police are hard pressed to stay on top of the situation with each passing day. However, a hard working police inspector’s generous act of teaching a 12-year boy who wants to join the police force one day is making the rounds of social media and has gathered a lot of positive support from netizens.

Vinod Dixit is the station in charge for Palasia police station. He is teaching Raj, a boy of 12 years and their bonding is something to cherish. Each day, after hectic work ends, Dixit teaches Raj, a class VI student English and Mathematics for about two hours in the evening.

But there are no desks and high powered lights for the duo. The trusty bonnet of the police car acts as a desk and the streetlights light the way for Raj, as the open classroom gets under way.

Dixit says that the classes have been going on for the last two months. He was on an anti-rowdy drive in the Bari Gwaltoli locality which is quite infamous for crime, when the 12-year-old Raj came up to him and said that he wanted to become a cop, asking Dixit if he would help him to achieve his dream.

Dixit informed Raj that he would have to study very hard if he wanted to become a cop and also that his physical fitness would have to be very high to survive the tough recruitment exams. Raj asked Dixit if he would teach and guide him because his family was too poor to afford tuitions for him. Raj’s candid honesty won over Dixit immediately and he decided to teach Raj in the evenings each day.

Dixit says that ever since, he has been teaching Raj Maths and English under the open sky during the evenings. Two of Raj’s friends have also joined the open classroom, studying maths and science under the tutelage of Dixit.

Raj is the second son among three siblings and his father has been forced to close his tiffin center services because of the COVID-19 pandemic. He now works as a daily wage laborer. This has hit the family’s finances, making it impossible for Raj’s father to afford tuitions for his son. Raj says that he often saw Dixit up close when he would be engaged in action against rowdy elements and he wants to be a cop like Dixit one day. He hopes that the free classes will enable him to achieve his dream one day.

Dixit, having served 28 years as a police inspector has before also given free classes to two other boys Lokesh and Rahul. They have been successful in clearing police recruitment tests and are posted in Indore itself. Vinod Dixit ends by saying that education is the greatest wealth and he is fortunate and duty bound to help aspiring children and youngsters achieve their dream of wearing the Khakhi one day.

Image Source: Twitter

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