Couple Exhausts Their Savings To Feed 1500 During COVID-19 Crisis

This wonderful news comes to us from Mumbai, India.

Mizga Sheikh is the principal of Zeal School located at Malwani in Ambhujwadi. During the Coronavirus induced lockdown, her students came to her with a problem- they could not afford to pay the fees. Sheikh was empathetic towards them and said that they would not have to pay fees for the next three months. However, when she spoke to her students on a one-on-one basis, she learned that many of them were not eating two square meals a day due to paucity of funds.

This was when Sheikh spoke to her husband, Faiyaz, and after the discussion, they made the decision to donate rations to the needy in their neighborhood. It has been four months since and the Sheikh’s have exhausted their savings of 4 lakh, reaching out to as many as 1500 people in the process. Their savings had been geared towards buying a house, but the Good Samaritans they are, they thought that helping the poor was a more urgent priority.

The residents of Ambhujwadi have been hard hit by the lockdown. A lot of them are daily wagers so their livelihood was also threatened. Mizga, 38 years old says that she had decided to take classes online like other schools but most students said they did not have an access to a smartphone, there being only one phone in their families, which their parents took with them to work. Mizga, who had been operating the school based out of five rooms for over a dacade, then decided to waive fees for 4 months.

Parents of the students confided in Mizga that they were finding it impossible to feed their families. Thereafter Mizga and her husband spoke to relatives and acquaintances and pooled together a certain amount of money. This was used to purchase dry rations and distribution of it to the needy families.

During the first few days of the lockdown, sacks of rations were stored in the empty rooms of the school. A non-profit organization also chipped in and for the next 8 weeks, khichdi was served to the needy and hungry people. After the NGO exhausted their resources, the Shaikh’s carried on. The procured stocks at better rates from a place in Bhayandar and made 10 and 15 kg kits that comprised of dal, sugar, rice, oil and tea. They then gave out these kits to the residents of Ambhujwadi. When news of their good work spread, residents from neighboring areas like Jogeshwari and Sion came to the Shaikh’s and received rations.

Despite exhausting all their savings, the Shaikh’s feel that they are doing God’s work and are confident of procuring a house in the future despite the monetary setback. Faiyaz says, “Allah will help us save for our house again.”

Image Source: Times Of India

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