Palestinian Man Climbs Up Hospital Wall To See His Ill Mother

This inspiring news come to us from Palestine.

It is not easy to let someone go! The pandemic spread all over the world is resulting in several deaths each day and it is only the close family that can actually understand the pain that they are suffering from. Hearing people die is something else but actually losing someone close to your heart breaks the family members from within.

A heartbreaking incident happened in Palestine’s Beit Awwa town where a seventy-five-year-old woman was admitted in the Hebron State Hospital as she was getting treated for Covid. The woman’s condition being critical, she was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit and her son Jihad Al-Suwaiti was seen climbing up the outer wall of the hospital to sit on the window of his mother’s room. He did so every night to watch her mother getting treated at the hospital.

Unfortunately, the lady breathed her last on July 16th and she only left for the heavenly abode once her son climbed up to the window to see her. The heart touching story reached out to millions of people worldwide on the web where Jihad Al-Suwaiti was showered with blessings and people also wished that his mother’s soul rests in peace.

Jihad Al-Suwaiti definitely suffered a great loss but he taught about love and care and the world needs more heart touching stories to come out of this situation. How we wish he could spend more time with his mother.

If there are more sons like Jihad Al-Suwaiti there would not be even a single mother shedding tears in their old age. He is an inspiration for all the children around the globe and he taught the world about unconditional love towards parents.

Image Source: Real Talk Time

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